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We offer advisory services for hospitals and healthcare facilities for the elderly, with a particular focus on supporting people with dementia.

Our main focus of activity in the last few years has been in the context of acute care hospitals. The current situation is alarming: “In brief, the key findings show that 40% of patients over 65 in general hospitals have dementia or cognitive disorders that are rarely known at the point of admission. Patients with dementia place increased demands on those in the medical profession and require more time in terms of care.” (From a study funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and introduced in June 2016: “Dementia in general hospitals. Prevalence and care situation”, a collaboration between Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University in Munich).

Together with personnel development and organisational structuring, enhancing patients’ surroundings represents a key opportunity to optimise primary care for patients with cognitive risk factors in acute care settings.

Project in progress:

October 2015 to November 2017: Compilation of guidelines for hospital design suitable for the elderly and people with dementia. Funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care, in collaboration with the Ingenium Foundation, Ingolstadt.


Analysis, conceptualization and consultation on age appropriate architecture for healthcare facilities:


Klinikum Freising GmbH, Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus, Freising, BRD

REGIOMED Klinikum Lichtenfels - Neubau "Green Hospital", Lichtenfels, BRD

SANA Kliniken Duisburg, Duisburg, BRD

Liyuan Hospital, Wuhan, China

Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH, Bayreuth, BRD

Kantonsspital Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld, CH

Landeskrankenhaus Wagna, Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltenges.m.b.H., A

HELIOS Fachkliniken Hildburghausen, BRD

MARO Genossenschaft für selbstbestimmtes und nachbarschaftliches Wohnen  e.G., BRD

Pflegeheim Sennhof AG, Vordemwald, CH