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Sharing expertise and experience - Impact of architecture and design on well-being

Birgit Dietz

Sharing experiences and spreading the message about how architecture and design can influence people's well-being, health and behaviour.

Had a great meeting with Yvonne Maisch, bsk büro + designhaus München GmbH (office+design Munich GmbH) at the TUM in Munich talking and exchanging visions about creating rooms in which people feel good, safe and well-orientated. Yvonne is an expert in interior design specialising in the social and healthcare sector, which fits perfectly with my specialism as an architect designing spaces for the elderly and cognitively impaired.

We agreed that acoustics, light, colour, form and a sustainable and natural room design have a great impact on well being and therefore, in hospitals, also on healing. She mentioned some of her current projects, including Starnberg Hospital, Charleston Holding GmbH and BioHotel Schlossgut Oberambach.

(mailto: Yvonne.Maisch@bsk.de, www.bsk.de; goto: https://www.bsk.de/startseite/)

The meeting was a result of my engagement as head of conference in Düsseldorf last December. The conference was held by Management Forum Starnberg with a focus on building and running senior residences and care homes. This reaffirmed by belief in the importance of keeping in touch and talking to each other. The result is not just a win for us ourselves, but also for the topic we all share: the conviction that we need to create rooms that serve people’s needs and  have a positive effect on their well being.

(By the way: see this year’s conference in Munich: https://www.management-forum.de/konferenzen-seminare/thema/krankenhaus-und-gesundheitsmanagement/)

from the left Dr. Ing. Birgit Dietz-BIfadA and Yvonne Maisch-bsk bürounddesignhaus München GmbH.jpg