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International Women's Day - March 8th #BalanceforBetter

Birgit Dietz

Everybody can contribute to gender balance! It’s up to us!

2012 I founded the “Bavarian Institute for Achitecture for the Elderly and cognitively Impaired”, www.bifada.de. This was made possible by the support of family and friends, who believed in my goal of making architecture and design sensitive to the needs of the elderly and cognitively impaired. Last year I published my first book [Demenzsensible Architektur. Planen und Gestalten mit allen Sinnen] and as the institute has grown, we’ve built up a small but successful by chance all-female team.

So #BalanceforBetter also means turning your dreams into reality and asking for support from those around you. If they don’t know your goals, they can’t help to achieve them. So start COMMUNICATING, NETWORKING and BALANCING things out!

#BalanceforBetter at Columbus Circle NY ;-)

#BalanceforBetter at Columbus Circle NY ;-)